Employee Background Checks

Boston University takes great pride in the quality of the people we hire. To ensure that we maintain a safe and productive educational environment, the University conducts background checks on all prospective employees. The type of background check differs for each position and department. Please review what is required.

Employment References and Degree Verifications

Hiring managers can conduct employment reference checks themselves, or they may contact Human Resources to request assistance with this process. Human Resources will conduct past employment verification and academic credential verification for each final candidate.

Criminal Background Check (CORI)

A criminal background check is required for all Facilities and Security positions as well as other designated positions. During the interview process, applicants will be informed of the background check and asked to sign a CORI authorization form.

Pre-placement Physical

Candidates for Facilities and other designated positions are required to have a pre-placement physical. These individuals will be informed during their interviews about the requirement and instructed to complete a Pre-placement Medical Form prior to the screening. All pre-placement physicals are conducted by the BU Occupational Health Center (OHC) or Research Occupation Health Program (ROHP). Boston University covers the full cost of the physical screenings, and all results are confidential and kept at the OHC or ROHP.