Remote Work Guidelines

Boston University has implemented Guidelines for Remote Work Arrangements for staff eligible to apply for remote work arrangements. The information on the following pages is intended to provide guidance and resources to both employees and managers navigating remote work arrangements and hybrid teams.

You can download a PDF copy of the Guidelines.

What is the Basis for the Guidelines?

  1. Provide staff members, to the extent feasible within our residential research university environment, the flexibility to accomplish their performance goals and objectives working partly or, in a limited number of cases, totally away from campus.
  2. Provide this access to off-campus work as a benefit to high-performing employees of the University. Remote work is not a right.
  3. Create an environment that enables managers to effectively supervise staff who are working away from campus.
  4. Create an environment where all employees—whether fully on campus or working partially or fully remotely—are equally part of the Boston University community and culture. The location where one performs work should not negatively impact opportunities for advancement.