How to Access Benefits

  • All leave benefits are administered by Matrix Absence Management
  • If you expect to be absent for a week or more and have a need for family or personal medical leave, simply contact Matrix Absence Management eServices online or by phone to initiate the process:
  • Contact Matrix Absence Management immediately upon an unplanned leave, or up to 30 days before a planned leave
  • If you contact Matrix more than 30 days before the anticipated start of your leave, you will receive an inquiry letter from Matrix. This letter will state which benefits you are currently eligible for and remind you to contact Matrix 30 days prior to the anticipated start date of your leave.
  • Matrix Absence Management will work with you and/or your doctor to verify your claim eligibility and administer your leave and return to work
  • Leave benefits are paid through BU payroll according to your direct deposit election on file

If you have questions, contact the HR Service Center at or 617-353-2380.