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All regular full-time and part-time Staff are eligible for paid, job-protected leave to manage your own health, care for a family member, or spend time with a new child.  Job-protected leave means that you cannot lose your job as a result of being away on this leave.

To be eligible you must have earned at least 30 times the weekly state benefit amount, and not less than $6,300 in the 12 month period before your leave begins. Your Sick Time policy has not changed. You will continue to accrue Sick Time according to the terms of that policy, and you will not lose any time you have accrued.

BU’s new Family and Medical Leave benefit will provide you with broader benefits and more flexibility, exceeding those required by State law.

New parental leave and military-related leaves provide continued income for circumstances Sick Time does not cover.

Accrued Sick Time Vs. Family and Medical Leave

Accrued Sick Time is intended for short-term absences of a week or less, while Paid Family and Medical Leave is intended for longer absences. Both Accrued Sick Time and Paid Family and Medical Leave can be used for personal and family needs. In fact, they work together to provide up to 100% of your pay when you take an eligible leave.

Accrued Sick Time

Paid Family and Medical Leave

Expected absence duration
Occasional – a week or less Longer than a week
Use for personal and family health needs?
Yes Yes
Together, Accrued Sick Time and Paid Family and Medical Leave
can provide 100% of base pay