Domestic Violence Leave

Domestic Violence Leave is an authorized absence from work that allows employees up to fifteen (15) days of job-protected leave in a twelve (12) month period if the employee or an employee’s family member is a victim of domestic violence. Domestic Violence Leave is to be used for issues directly related to the domestic violence against the you or your family member. You cannot be the perpetrator of domestic violence against your family member.


All regular, full-time and regular part-time employees are eligible upon hire for Domestic Violence Leave.

Types of Domestic Violence Leave

You may request Domestic Violence Leave for the following reasons:

  • seek or obtain medical attention;
  • counseling, victim services or legal assistance;
  • secure housing;
  • obtain a protective order from a court;
  • appear in court or before a grand jury;
  • meet with a district attorney or other law enforcement official; 
  • attend child custody proceedings; or
  • address other issues directly related to the abusive behavior against the employee or family member of the employee.

How to Request Domestic Violence Leave

When domestic violence leave is foreseeable, you must give 30 days notice, otherwise, you must give as much notice as possible. Except in cases of imminent danger to your health or safety (or the health and safety of your family member), you are responsible for contacting your immediate supervisor or Human Resources at to initiate a leave.

Domestic Violence Leave is managed by Human Resources. If you submitted the Staff Request for Leave of Absence form to your supervisor, then your supervisor will forward the completed form to Human Resources. Human Resources will be responsible for approving the leave and notifying you about the conditions of the leave.

Boston University will require documentation showing that you or your family member has been a victim of abusive behavior and that the leave taken is consistent with the domestic violence leave policy.