If Injured at Work (Charles River Campus)

If you or a colleague is injured at work, immediate medical care is vital.

If the injury is an emergency:

  • Call the Boston University Police Department at 617-353-2121, and then call the Occupational Health Center at 617-353-6630 to report the injury and the hospital treating the injured employee. If the injury is research-related, you must also call BU’s Research Occupational Health Program at 617-414-7647.
  • The supervisor must contact Risk Management at 617-353-3020 to report the accident and complete an Occupational Injury/Illness Form. Completed form should be emailed to injury@bu.edu.
  • The injured employee must schedule an appointment with the Occupational Health Center within 24 hours after being discharged.

If the injury is not an emergency:

  • The injured employee must be evaluated at the Occupational Health Center during normal hours of operation (M–F, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.)
  • All research-related injuries must be reported to Research Occupational Health Program (617-414-7647)
  • Report the accident to the employee’s supervisor.
  • The supervisor must complete Occupational Injury/Illness Form within 24 hours of the accident and email it to Risk Management at injury@bu.edu.
  • Secure the accident scene.
  • If a hazardous condition exists, the supervisor should contact the Control Desk at Facilities Management & Planning (617-353-2105) and/or Environmental Health & Safety (617-353-4094).
  • If the injured employee receives medical care outside the University, he or she must schedule an appointment with the Occupational Health Center before returning to work.
  • If the injury is research-related, the Research Occupational Health Program should be informed when the employee is returning to work.
  • The employee must keep his or her supervisor informed of plans to return to work.

The Occupational Health Center is available to supervise for medical consultations at 617-353-6630.

Charles River Campus Contact Information

Occupational Health Center
930 Commonwealth Avenue (entrance on Pleasant Street)
Phone: 617-353-6630
Email: buohc@bu.edu

Research Occupational Health Program (ROHP)
72 E. Concord Street
Evans Building, Room 825
Phone: 617-414-ROHP (7647)
Email: rohp@bu.edu

Risk Management
25 Buick Street, 1st Floor
Phone: 617-353-3020

Human Resources
25 Buick Street
Phone: 617-353-2380
Email: HR@bu.edu

Environmental Health & Safety
704 Commonwealth Avenue, 2nd Floor
Phone: 617-353-4094
Email: oehs@bu.edu

Disability Services
19 Deerfield Street
Phone: 617-353-3658
Email: access@bu.edu

Faculty & Staff Assistance Office
270 Bay State Road
Phone: 617-353-5381
Email: fsao@bu.edu

Boston University Police Department
32 Harry Agganis Way
Phone: 617-353-2121
Email: bupolice@bu.edu


Where to Go for Treatment


Contact the Boston University Police Department at 617-353-2121 and follow their instructions, or go to any area hospital or primary care physician.


Occupational Health Center
930 Commonwealth Avenue (entrance on Pleasant Street)
Phone: 617-353-6630
Hours of operation: M–F, 9 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Area Hospitals

Boston Medical Center
Menino Pavillion
Emergency Department
751 Albany Street
Boston, MA
Phone: 617-414-4075

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
West Campus
Emergency Department
One Deaconess Road, W/CC-2
Boston, MA
Phone: 617-754-2323

Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Neville House
Emergency Department
75 Francis Street
Boston, MA
Phone: 617-732-5640

St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center
William F. Connell
Emergency Department
736 Cambridge Street
Brighton, MA
Phone: 617-789-2666

For all work-related injuries or illnesses not seen initially at the Occupational Health Center, call the Occupational Health Center Call-In Line within 24 hours at 617-353-6630.