Bridging BU

A Boston University Job Reclassification Initiative

We are excited to announce the implementation plan for Bridging BU – Boston University’s Job Reclassification Initiative.  This new program will improve the University-wide system for describing job functions in a way that recognizes the incredible variety of our day-to-day work and rewards the talent and skill that helps the University move forward.

Accomplishments to Date

  • Created a University-wide job framework that aligns positions with typical professional knowledge, technical expertise, and organizational impact. This framework applies to non-represented staff employees
  • Aligned job titles commonly found in the marketplace to enhance our ability to identify talent with required skill sets and to compare compensation
  • Aligned and validated alignment of positions to the new job framework including:
    • Career Category and Level
    • Job Family
    • Sub-Family
    • Job Title
  • Provided input on internal pay relative to job alignment to grades and new salary ranges
  • Communicated new program details and impact to managers through live sessions and an online Training Program
  • Communicated new program details and impact to employees
  • BUworks loaded new job table and updates into SAP
  • Human Resources processed manual updates in SAP for changes that occurred after the load completed by BUworks

Where are we today?

  • Compensation is creating tools and guides for optimal utilization of the new job framework

What This Framework Will Support Going Forward

  • Professional growth opportunities that are clearer and more visible
  • Transparency to support wage equity
  • Maintaining a competitive position as an employer in hiring and retaining the best talent
  • A common framework that helps us recognize and understand the different jobs and career paths we have here at the University

Of course, this is an enormous undertaking, which will continue to evolve. As always, your insight and cooperation are vital to making BU an even better place to work.

Please take a moment to review our presentation, which provides an overview of Bridging BU and its aims. And please visit the FAQs page for answers to common questions about this initiative.