Your Testing Category

The Testing Categories and When to be Tested

Category 1 or 2 – If you are in these categories,  you are required to be tested once every seven days.

Category 3 – If you are in Category 3, you are required to be tested as follows:

  • The first time you return to campus; and,
  • Once a week every time you are on campus for all or part of a 7-day period.
  • If you are in Category 3 you are not required to be tested during weekly periods when you are not on campus at all.

Category 4 – Testing is not required until you return to campus.

View Your Testing Category

Log in to MyBUworks (not in employee self-service).

View your testing category using the ‘My Community Testing Category’ icon (example shown below).


Managers Update Testing Categories

Only managers are able to update testing categories through MyBUworks using the ‘Community Testing Category’ icon (example shown below). If  you feel that you are not in the correct testing category, please discuss this with your manager.

Make Sure to Complete the Daily Health Screening every day you come to campus

Please complete your Daily Health Screening through Healthway every day of the week when you will be on campus.



Please reach out to COVID-19 Employee Support at