Face Covering Adjustment Request for Medical Conditions

Face Coverings Required on Campus

All faculty and staff will be required to wear face coverings or masks while on campus in public and shared spaces.  If you cannot close a door to your work or office space and if the walls of your office or workspace are not floor to ceiling, you will be required to wear a face covering when you are in that space.  When you are alone in your enclosed office or private workspace, you are not required to wear a face covering.

Face Covering Adjustments Due to Medical Conditions

The CDC recognizes that wearing masks and face coverings may not be possible in every situation or for some people. In some situations, wearing a mask may exacerbate a physical or mental health condition, lead to a medical emergency, or introduce significant safety concerns.  If, due to a medical condition, you are unable to wear a face covering when you are in public spaces on campus, please submit an online face covering adjustment request.  This request process applies, if due to a medical condition you cannot wear a face covering at all or for a prolonged period of time.

Steps to Take to Apply for a Face Covering Adjustment

  1. Obtain documentation from your medical provider using the Medical Information Form which demonstrates that you are not able to wear a face covering due to a medical condition. Please reach out to your medical provider to complete this form so that you may upload it at the time of online submission. We will not consider requests without the accompanying medical documentation.
  2. Submit an Online Adjustment Request Form.
  3. After your request is received, the Equal Opportunity Office will work with you and your department to evaluate potential accommodations.

Please Note: The University will not approve an accommodation that allows any faculty or staff member to work in or move through a public space on campus without a face covering.  If the review of your request reveals no possible accommodation, you may be eligible to take an FMLA protected leave from work.


All personal health information that you or your treating health providers submit in support of your face covering adjustment request, including information submitted on the online form and in the medical questionnaire, will be treated confidentially and shared only with staff in Human Resources who customarily process employee medical leave requests, the Assistant Director for Compliance in the Equal Opportunity Office, and Occupational Health solely for purposes of evaluating your eligibility for a mask adjustment. Your request will be discussed with your supervisor to the degree necessary to properly evaluate the request and to implement any approved accommodation.  You may request that the Assistant Director of Equal Opportunity not disclose the nature of your medical condition to your supervisor.  Whether, or to what degree, such a request can be honored will depend upon what information must be provided to your supervisor to allow them to assist in the decision regarding appropriate accommodations.

This form and any supporting medical documentation you submit will be securely maintained as Restricted Use data by Human Resources in accordance with the University’s Data Protection Standards, and separate from your personnel records.

For questions regarding this process, please contact the COVID Helpline at covidhelp@bu.edu.