QuitNet Smoking Cessation

Free smoking cessation support program with medications available for Boston University employees.

What is QuitNet?

QuitNet is an Internet-based service designed to help individual tobacco users through the quitting process. It combines evidence-based methods of treating tobacco addiction with a powerful and effective individually controlled program that is available to anyone, anytime, anyplace. To learn more about QuitNet please visit this introduction page.

Services Provided

  • Around the clock, personalized online support from QuitNet
  • Complete up to 7 calls with your own personal quit-smoking coach
  • A colorful QuitGuide to help you learn all about quitting smoking
  • Fun and helpful QuitTips support delivered regularly by email

How Do I Enroll?

To link to the QuitNet website and register for their services as well as free smoking cessation medications, you will first need to log in with your BU login account and Kerberos password.