Other Information

There are certain conditions under which your former spouse may continue to be covered under your family membership in the Boston University Health Plan.

Should you or your dependents participate in another health plan, Boston University coordinates its health plan benefits with those other plans.

If another party is legally responsible to pay health care costs for an illness or injury inflicted on you or a covered dependent, the health plan is entitled to reimbursement from that responsible party.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 provides you and your family with special rights to enroll in the BU Health Plan if you lose other health plan coverage.

If you or a dependent is covered under Medicaid or a State child health plan, you have special enrollment rights for the BU Health Plan.

Special rules are in place to protect the rights of mothers and newborns in regard to length of hospital stay at birth.

The Women’s Health & Cancer Rights Act provides protection for those who receive mastectomy-related care.

The Health Plan recognizes a Qualified Medical Child Support Order which requires an employee to provide health coverage for a dependent child.