How does P&A Group reimburse me?

The quickest way to receive your money is by direct deposit to your personal checking or savings account. You can sign up for direct deposit by completing and submitting the direct deposit authorization agreement (available at padmin.com). You can also receive your money via check mailed to you at home. Once enrolled in direct deposit, all deposits are made via direct deposit until P&A Group are otherwise notified.


Eliminate the hassle of manual checks and have your reimbursements deposited for you directly into your account. No more waiting for the mail or wasting time at the bank. Let us do the work for you. Sign up for direct deposit TODAY to get your reimbursement faster. This service is FREE!

What is the maximum amount I can be reimbursed?

Medical, dental, vision expenses will be reimbursed based on the total amount indicated on the claim request. This amount must not exceed your total plan-year election amount.

Dependent care expenses will be reimbursed based on the amount indicated on the claims request up to the total amount in your account (payroll deducted) at the time the claim is received. Total amounts must not exceed your plan-year election amount and must be submitted with appropriate documentation to verify eligibility of expenses. (Minimum check reimbursement amount is $25.00)

What documentation do I need to submit in order to get reimbursed?

For the Health Care FSA:

Acceptable documents include:

  • If the full values of the accounts are not used up during the year, you forfeit the remaining balances.
  • Insurance company statement or Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
  • Itemized bill from the provider showing date of service, services rendered, provider of service, amount paid and if applicable, amount covered by insurance
  • Prescription claims MUST include the Rx pharmacy receipt with Rx number. Cash Register receipts are not acceptable.

For the Dependent Care FSA:

A claim must include the name, address, and taxpayer identification number of the dependent care service provider. In the case of a babysitter, the taxpayer identification number is the babysitter’s Social Security number. If you cannot remit a copy of your bill/contract, your daycare provider can sign your claim form which you can then upload as your “receipt.” To receive reimbursement from the Dependent Care Assistance Account, a copy of your Dependent Care Documentation Form must be on file with P&A. The Dependent Care Documentation Form is available at padmin.com.