DASH for Health Nutrition Program

 …a program designed to help you eat better, exercise better, lose weight, and lower blood pressure; developed by physicians at BU and Boston Medical Center.

US News has ranked DASH as the #2 Overall Diet for 2021.

What is DASH for Health?

DASH for Health is an online nutrition and weight loss program that is FREE to all Boston University employees and up to three of their adult household members. Its aim is to help you learn better eating and exercise habits, and it was designed right here at BU by a team of doctors and nutritionists lead by Dr. Tom Moore, Associate Provost on the Medical Campus.

New information is provided on the DASH website twice each week. Articles cover food, food preparation, eating out, losing weight, getting fit, and much more. In addition to providing new information each week, you have a web page especially for you where you can track progress in areas such as your weight, food intake, blood pressure, and exercise. The program has been tested with several thousand people and there is good evidence that people who use the program successfully reduce their weight, lower their blood pressure, and improve their eating habits. It’s recommended by the American Heart Association. We hope all BU employees will give the program a try.

DASH Eating

All nutrition advice is based on the DASH Diet—a diet with more scientific proof behind it than any other eating plan. The DASH Diet is a well-balanced, easy-to-understand way of eating that gives you lots of choices, and it is scientifically proven to help you lose weight and lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

How do I enroll?

Learn more about DASH for Health. Enter your BU username and Kerberos password. You will see the link that will connect you to the DASH for Health™ website where you can take a tour of the program and get more information about enrolling.

Already a Member?

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