2018 Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit


What Documents Are Required?

For all eligible dependents whom you wish to continue to cover under the BU plans, you must upload the following documents:

  • Spouse: Marriage certificate (government issued)
  • Common Law Spouse: Common law marriage certificate (only for those married in a state that accepts common law marriage)
  • Child: Birth certificate or adoption certificate or certificate of live birth
  • Stepchild: Birth certificate of child plus marriage certificate of current spouse
  • Ward: Court ordered document of legal custody
  • Former spouse: Both your original government issued marriage certificate and judgement of divorce nisi.

Action Required by October 1, 2018

Your healthcare benefits from Boston University provide important financial protection for you and your eligible family members. As part of our ongoing work to responsibly manage those plans, we are conducting an audit to ensure that dependents covered under the health and dental plans meet eligibility requirements.

This audit requires you to take action by providing proof of your covered dependents’ relationship to you by uploading your documents to a secure Dropbox website no later than October 1, 2018. If we cannot confirm the eligibility of your dependent(s), their BU health care and dental plans coverage will be suspended on October 31, 2018.  You will be notified in writing before any action is taken regarding your dependent(s) coverage.

Providing Documentation

  1. The preferred method is to upload your documents to a secure Dropbox account. Please be sure to include your BU ID# in the name of the document(s) you upload so that your information can be processed promptly. Detailed instructions for providing documentation can be found on the Dropbox Security & Instructions page of this website.
  1. If you are not comfortable uploading information to Dropbox, you may bring your documents to the Human Resources Office at 25 Buick Street (Charles River campus) or 801 Massachusetts Avenue (Medical Campus). An HR staff member will review your documents while you wait, provide you with confirmation that the information has been accepted, and return the documents to you.
  2. You may also email your documents to us at hr@bu.edu using secure email.  Please read the instructions on how to use secure email.

About Dropbox and Your Security

Dropbox for Business is a BU licensed storage system that has been approved by Boston University’s Information Security department for storage of restricted and confidential data including HIPAA protected health information.  The information you upload to Dropbox is encrypted.  You can be assured that the documents you upload to Dropbox will be handled confidentially. Boston University will not share your confidential documents with any other entity and they will be fully and securely deleted from Dropbox once we have reviewed them and updated your SAP employment record.

Why an Audit is Needed

Audits to ensure that plan participants meet eligibility requirements is standard practice for sound plan management. The University has not audited its plans for many years, and it’s time for us to go through this process. With the implementation of our new online benefits enrollment application—which is now in use for retirement information and will be extended to all your BU benefits this fall—an audit is timely. Going through this process now will help ensure the reliability of the data.

We recognize that an audit requires your participation. Although it may seem an inconvenience, your participation by providing the required documents will help protect the integrity of our plans, ensuring that they operate as they should for the benefit of all eligible participants.

Please note: This process will not enable you to add new dependents; it is meant to verify and continue coverage for your existing dependents. If you experience a qualified life event and want to add new dependents to your coverage, please follow that process to verify both the life event and the dependents’ eligibility. For more information about qualified life events, please visit “If You Have a Qualified Change in Status”.