In plans of this type, there are some losses which are not covered. Excluded losses are those caused by:

  • Declared or undeclared war or an act of either
  • Services in the armed forces of any country
  • Suicide or a suicide attempt while sane or self-destruction or an attempt to self-destroy while insane
  • The voluntary use of any drug or controlled substance unless used as prescribed by a physician
  • Sickness, disease, or any bacterial infection other than one related to a cut or wound resulting from an accident covered by this plan

Under the Personal and Family Accident Insurance Plan, coverage for air travel is provided while riding as a passenger and not as a pilot or crew member, in any aircraft being used for the transportation of passengers, except one owned, operated, or leased by or on behalf of Boston University. For a complete explanation of these exclusions, contact Human Resources.

Finally, the plan does not provide coverage for anyone serving full time in the armed forces of any country for more than two months. Premiums paid for coverage during such periods of military service will be refunded.