Plan Costs

Fidelity and TIAA charge fees for administering your accounts.


Participants with an account through Fidelity will be assessed a fixed quarterly fee of $15.25, which will be deducted directly from participant accounts and reflected on Fidelity participant account statements.

At distribution, certain funds available through Fidelity may charge a redemption fee. These fees are described in the fund prospectus. In addition, expenses related to mutual fund management are assessed before mutual fund earnings are credited to your account.


Each investment offered within a TIAA plan charges a fee for managing and operating the investment; the fee is charged as a percentage of your total TIAA assets and is paid indirectly through what is known as an expense ratio. This is not a fixed fee.  Read more about these fees.

For purchase of annuity contracts, as described under If You Leave the University, there is no expense charge if the annuity contract has been in force for 34 months or more, or if the purchase is of an annuity contract owned by a person age 60 or older.

For all other purchases, there is an expense charge determined separately for each TIAA or CREF contract and deducted from the accumulation being purchased. This charge is 10% of the accumulation being purchased less one tenth of 1% of that accumulation for each month elapsed since the contract’s date of issue—but in no event more than $50 per contract.

Loss of Benefits

There may be circumstances that result in a reduction of the value of your accounts, such as:

  • The deduction of fees/redemption charges that relate directly to your investments. Check the investment option description for short-term redemption fee information.
  • A payment from your account was required under the terms of a Qualified Domestic Relations Order.
  • You failed to repay a participant loan on a timely basis and an offset of that amount occurred in your account.
  • The value of the investments in your plan accounts could decrease in response to market conditions.