Investment Restrictions

There are certain restrictions on your investments. For complete, current details on restrictions, you should refer to the printed materials available from each of the record keepers. Following are explanations of some of the important restrictions.

The following rules apply to how future contributions to the plan are invested:

1. You may choose to invest your own future tax-deferred contributions in the investment options available through TIAA and/or Fidelity  Investments (investments through Fidelity are available for both tax-deferred and Roth after-tax contributions).

2. You may choose to invest your contributions among the investment options available under the Plan in any combination.

3. You can change your choice of where to invest future contributions at any time.

Transfers can be made out of any investment option to another investment option available under the Plan in any amount at any time except that any Roth contributions may not be transferred to the TIAA Traditional Annuity account or the CREF Annuity accounts.