Forms of Payment from Fidelity

You should contact Fidelity for a distribution form. Fidelity’s counselors will provide you with information that may help you decide which distribution option best meets your financial needs.

Lump Sum

You may elect to receive a lump-sum distribution for all or part of the full value of your accounts.

Installment Withdrawal Program

As an alternative, you may elect to receive installment withdrawals until you have exhausted your account balances. You may designate the amount and the frequency of these withdrawals (subject to certain minimums required by tax law).


You may also roll over lump sum distributions from your account balances into an individual retirement account (IRA) or another 403(b) or 401(k) plan you participate in that accepts rollovers, provided you meet federal tax law requirements.

Annuity Options

If you wish, you may use the proceeds of your account to purchase an annuity. Please see Income Solutions, an online annuity comparison tool for more information on annuities. You may wish to consult with your financial advisor before selecting this option.