Traditional financial planning asks you to do all the hard work; it makes you set your own savings and life insurance targets. This puts you at risk. Set your targets too low, and you’ll under-save and under-insure. Set them too high, and you’ll over-save and over-insure.

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Economic Security Planner (ESPlanner), developed by Boston University Professor Laurence Kotlikoff and other leading economists, finds the right targets. It calculates your family’s highest sustainable living standard and the amounts you need to save and insure to maintain that living standard over time.

BU is providing faculty and staff with a coupon equal to the purchase price of the software. All you pay is the sales tax.

ESPlannerPLUS—($199 value)—A detailed, downloadable software. Learn more. In addition to all the basic functions to determine the smoothest and highest living standard available based on your data input this version includes the ability to save multiple profiles so you can try different assumptions and includes Monte Carlo, Upside Investing, as well as default and custom asset classes.

To purchase ESPlannerPLUS, contact BU Human Resources for your coupon code. Go to ESPlannerPLUS and select ‘Add to cart’. Enter your coupon code to cover the purchase price of the software and proceed to checkout. You will need to pay the sales tax using your credit card.