Request a Replacement Terrier Card

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If your Terrier Card is lost, stolen, or damaged, don’t worry, you can replace it.

On the Charles River Campus, just stop by Human Resources at 25 Buick Street or go to the Terrier Card Office, located at the George Sherman Union, and report the card lost, stolen, or damaged.

If you work on the Medical Campus, stop by the ID office, located at 710 Albany Street, and report the card lost, stolen, or damaged.

You will be charged a replacement fee if the Terrier Card is reported lost or stolen. The fee will be automatically deducted from your paycheck. However, if you provide a copy of a police report indicating the Terrier Card was stolen, the fee may be waived.

If the Terrier Card is damaged, you can have it replaced at no cost to you. You must return your old Terrier Card to avoid being charged the replacement fee.

For questions please call Human Resources:

  • Charles River Campus: 617-353-2380
  • Medical Campus: 617-638-4610