Facilities Management & Planning (FMP) Process

To apply for a custodial or trades position with Facilities Management & Planning, in general you must submit a paper copy of the application, which can be obtained from Human Resources or printed from Forms & Documents.

For certain trades positions, you may apply online; look for the New Résumé/CV and Existing Résumé/CV buttons in the position listing.

After completing the application, return it to Human Resources. A staff member will contact you if there is interest in your application.

As part of the Facilities Management & Planning application process, and before BU can make job offers for custodial or trades positions, you must have a successful background check and pass a pre-placement physical. The University will administer the examinations and cover the full cost.

Current Employees Applying for Promotion or Transfer to Full-Time Custodian

Open positions are bid posted within Facilities Management & Planning and on the Human Resources bulletin boards on both campuses. You must apply during the internal bid posting period, which is ten business days from the date of the posting.

To apply:

After you submit an application with Human Resources, you do not need to submit additional applications for additional custodian postings—your application will automatically be reviewed against all applicable postings. The only reason to submit a new application is to change relevant information, such as your shift or schedule availability.

All applications will be sorted by seniority and posted on the Promotion and Transfer Applicant List. The last four digits of your University ID (UID) and your date of hire will be used as your identifier on the list. Make sure you review the posted Promotion and Transfer Applicant List to ensure your information is correct. If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at 617-353-2380.

Current Employees Applying for Promotion or Transfer to Trades Positions and Lead Custodian Positions

Local 615 employees interested in applying for open Lead Custodian and Trades positions should apply during the internal bid posting period only, which is ten business days from the date of the posting.

To apply:

  • Complete a Promotion and Transfer Application for Positions Represented by 32BJ form  and return the application to Human Resources on either campus.
  • All applications must be filled out completely. If you wish, you may attach a résumé to the application (not required).
  • Be sure to put the specific Bid Posting Number(s) on your application. This should match the actual number on the Bid Posting.
  • When you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation receipt from Human Resources. Please keep this for your records.
  • Upon completion, your application will be sent to Facilities Management & Planning for consideration.
  • After an initial review of your qualifications, you will be notified if you do not meet the requirements of the bid position.

If you meet the qualifications for the position, a Facilities Management & Planning staff member will contact you to discuss the next step in the hiring process.