Carlos Vazquez

Director of Custodial Operations

“Here at Boston University you won’t meet coworkers. Here you meet a new family.”

Tell us about your role at Boston University.

As Director of Custodial Operations, in Facilities Management and Planning, I manage the technical and administrative aspects of the Custodial Operations Department. I interface with all staff to ensure that appropriate procedures and equipment are being utilized to properly maintain all Boston University facilities. I manage the operational budget for the custodial operations including labor costs and supply costs.

What has your BU experience been like?

I don’t consider myself an employee of Boston University, I consider myself to be an ambassador of this great institution. Wherever I go I represent BU and I encourage all my employees to do the same. I have found great camaraderie with my coworkers who have been a foundation for my success.

In my career I’ve been blessed with having great bosses and Boston University didn’t fall short. Here I have the privilege of being part of a great team of professionals that care for each other. We are a team of professionals who work together and want to succeed together with a department head that is not just a professional, but a true example of leadership.

What would you tell someone considering a career at Boston University?

Boston University is a great place to work. Here you will find the environment that people often talk about but may never have the privilege to experience. Great people that understand the meaning of teamwork, people with great positive energy, people who want to succeed in their careers and people who will help you along the way to succeed in achieving your personal goals as well and to challenge you to go above your own expectations. Boston University offers you the opportunity to grow academically and the benefits package is one of the best because the University has you in mind. Here at Boston University you won’t meet coworkers. Here you meet a new family.