Living-Learning & Specialty Communities

Living-Learning Communities and Specialty community residences provide a unique living environment for students who would like to be with others who share similar interests. These floors and houses also offer the advantages of small group contacts and promote broader university involvements.

Living-Learning Communities
Interested in a faculty-guided community that focuses on experiential learning and supports discovery beyond the classroom? If so, consider our Living-Learning Communities (LLCs). LLCs offer unique experiences through interdisciplinary/interprofessional collaboration, opportunities to work with faculty from across disciplines, direct advising and mentoring, and interactions that promote students’ intellectual development and foster community learning. Please note that LLC application and selection processes are competitive.

Specialty Communities
Specialty community houses and floors are communities created and continued by students with the support and involvement of faculty and staff. The exploration of academic disciplines and/or special interests is encouraged. Specialty community residences cover a range of interests, from language, to medicine, to the arts.

Living-Learning Communities
Earth House
7 Buswell Street
Strong interest in the environment and environmental issues; participation in sustainability initiatives on campus; involvement in events such as Earth Hour and Recycle Mania. For more information click here.
Global House
610 Beacon Street, 4th Floor
Proficient in a language at the second-semester level or above. For more information click here.
Kilachand Honors College House
117 Bay State Road
All students in good standing in the Kilachand Honors College are eligible to live in the Kilachand Honors College House. No application necessary.
Kilachand Honors College – Floors

Kilachand Hall 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6
Enrollment in the Kilachand Honors College. No application necessary.
Core Curriculum House
141 Carlton Street
Enrollment in the College of Arts and Sciences Core Curriculum Program.
Core Curriculum Floor
Marshall 11
Enrollment in the College of Arts and Sciences Core Curriculum Program.
Specialty Communities
Classics House
176 Bay State Road
A major or minor in classical studies, Greek, Latin, Modern Greek, or archaeology.
College of Communication Floor
Shields 11
Enrollment in the College of Communication.
College of Fine Arts Floor
Claflin 9
Enrollment in the College of Fine Arts.
College of General Studies House
166-168 Bay State Road
Enrollment in the College of General Studies (juniors and seniors who are selected to reside in the House will act as mentors to the underclassmen and will be expected to participate in House activities).
Common Ground House 
158-160 Bay State Road
Martin Luther King Scholar, Howard Thurman Center Ambassador, or demonstrated commitment to the Howard Thurman legacy by attendance at Common Ground Orientation or other programs sponsored by the Howard Thurman Center.
Community Service House 
31 Buswell Street
Involvement in local community service organizations and projects; participation in FYSOP or the Community Service Center strongly preferred.
Education House 
179 Bay State Road
Open to any undergraduate student enrolled in the Wheelock College of Education and Human Development.
Engineering House
1 Buswell Street
Enrollment in the College of Engineering.
Engineering Floors 
Marshall 9, Shields 12, Towers 4W
Enrollment in the College of Engineering.
Limited Parietal House 
157 Bay State Road
For female students who prefer more restricted visiting hours (no Specialty Residence application required).
Management House 
Bay State Road
Enrollment in the Questrom School of Business.
Management Floors
Towers 8W, 9W
Enrollment in the Questrom School of Business.
Music House 
207 Bay State Road
A major or minor in music or the ability to demonstrate an active interest in music.
Sargent College House
205 Bay State Road
Enrollment in Sargent College.
Sargent College Floor 
Towers 7W
Enrollment in Sargent College.
Trustee Scholars House
200 Bay State Road
Enrollment in the Trustee Scholars Program.
Wellness Housing
some suites on floor 7
Kilachand Hall
Desire to live in a substance-free space with other students who want to support their mental & physical health.
Women in Science and Engineering Upperclass
163 Bay State Road
WISE-UP: Female students (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) who are declared majors in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Preference given to former WISE@Warren residents. WISE-UP house activities will include special seminars, interaction with STEM female faculty, peer and graduate student mentoring, academic support, STEM career experiences, creativity and innovation, and societal outreach in STEM.
Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Floor
Fairfield 15
WISE@Warren: Female students who are entering freshmen and are interested in majoring in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) discipline. Residents must register for a freshman seminar (First Year Experience) that meets twice a month and focuses on career opportunities, discussions with STEM female faculty and non academic professionals, academic preparation and social and community outreach around STEM topics. For more information click here.
Writers’ Corridor
Kilachand 4
Interest in writing and in sharing your work with others, and in submitting original work for floor publications.