How to Apply

Freshmen and transfer students can indicate their interest in up to three Living-Learning Communities or Specialty Communities on their New Student Housing Application; no further application or approval is required.

Current students must complete an application and be approved to live in Living-Learning Communities or Specialty Communities. Current students must receive approval before they can select the residence during room selection in the spring or change rooms (through a direct swap or room change offer). This application process is administered by Residence Life.

Instructions for how to apply to live in a Living-Learning Communities or Specialty Communities, as well as the application itself, can be found on the Living-Learning and Specialty Community Residences website.

There are specific times each year when students are encouraged to apply for Living-Learning Communities or Specialty Communities (e.g., prior to the Room Selection process). However, students may submit an application at any time.

For more information about applying for Living-Learning Communities or Specialty Communities, contact Residence Life at 617-353-4380, or visit any residence office.