Residence Assignments

Students who submit their housing materials and housing guarantee payment by the dates noted in How to Apply, will receive residence assignment information via e-mail one week prior to their move-in date. All summer residence assignments are determined by BU Housing.

  • All residence assignments are made on a space-available basis. Students are assigned according to the dates that completed Residence License Agreements, Preferences in the Housing Application, and Housing Guarantee Payments are received by BU Housing.
  • You may be assigned a roommate(s) by BU Housing if you do not request a specific roommate(s) or if the person you are requesting as a roommate(s) has not submitted all of the required materials by the time BU Housing makes your assignment.
  • Accommodations are available in both dormitory-style and apartment-style residences; both vary in size and design.
  • Two summer residences (33 Harry Agganis Way’s apartments and Myles Standish Hall, 610 Beacon Street) are air conditioned. Certain apartment-style residences in South Campus and on Bay State Road are air conditioned, but air conditioners are in common areas only. More information can be found on the air conditioned housing options page. Students are prohibited from bringing their own air conditioners of any kind into the residences.
  • Room change requests are not granted during the summer housing period.
  • There are a very limited number of single-occupancy rooms available during the summer sessions.
  • A $200 nonrefundable Housing Guarantee Payment and electronically signed Residence License Agreement submitted by the dates noted in How to Apply guarantee a space on campus, but do not guarantee a specific residence, residence type, or residence rate (For example, if you request an apartment-style residence and there is none available at the time you are assigned, then you will be assigned to a dormitory-style residence and a dining plan).
  • If you live on campus during the academic year, there is no guarantee you can remain in your current residence for the summer. We will do our best, however, to accommodate your interests provided your residence is in use and available for the first summer session
  • All rooms contain a dresser, a desk, a mattress, a bed frame, and a chair for each student. Students must provide their own linens, including extra-long twin bed sheets (beds are 80 inches long).
  • Apartment-style residences are also furnished and equipped with kitchen and bathroom facilities; apartment residents must provide their own kitchen utensils, cleaning items, and bathroom supplies.
  • Gender-Neutral Housing is available during the summer months. More information can be found on our Summer Gender-Neutral Housing page.