Dining service
resumes with
4 PM, Friday,
December 22, 2017
Noon, Friday,
January 12, 2018
10 a.m., Friday,
January 12, 2018
Dinner, Saturday,
January 13, 2018
  • Students who apply by the specified deadline will be assigned to a double-occupancy room in a local area hotel. Depending on availability, vacation housing accommodations will be a room with two beds or a room with a king-size bed and a sleeper sofa or a rollaway bed.
  • Check-in will be at the designated hotel beginning at noon on the check-in days noted above. Keys will be issued to students at the hotel front desk when they arrive; room numbers will not be given out by the front desk staff to anyone other than the registered guest. Students must present their Terrier Card at the hotel front desk to check in and should carry their Terrier Card with them at all times. On the applicable check-out date, students must return their keys to the hotel front desk. (Students who stay beyond noon will be held financially responsible for the room at the hotel’s regular rate.)
  • Students may make telephone calls from their room at their own expense. Outgoing calls are very expensive as they are billed at the operator-assisted rate. Anyone wishing to contact a student by telephone may call the hotel front desk and ask to be connected to the student’s room number.
  • Students may not charge room service, movies, hotel restaurants, etc., to their room bill unless they make arrangements directly with the hotel to have their credit card billed.
  • Housekeeping service will be provided.
  • Bicycles are not permitted in guest rooms or in the hotel.
  • Furniture may not be removed from a hotel room for any reason. Boston University will bill students for any missing supplies (e.g., furniture, towels, pillows).
  • Students are expected to be courteous to other guests who will be staying in the hotel. Students should refrain from running, using loud language, or engaging in other noisy behavior. Room doors should be closed to keep noise contained; stereos should not be used.
  • For students’ safety, room doors should be closed and locked at all times, whether or not students are in the room.
  • Alcoholic beverages and smoking are not allowed in the hotel.
  • No more than four (4) persons may occupy any room in the hotel at one time.
  • Overnight guests are not permitted.
  • Candles or open flames are not allowed in the hotel; refrigerators or cooking or heating devices are also not allowed in hotel rooms.
  • Students may not attach anything to the walls in their hotel room.
  • Hotel personnel will be available to assist students. Students should be mindful that gratuities apply during their stay as they do for any hotel guest.
  • A Boston University Resident Assistant (RA) will be on duty in his/her room for emergencies at the hotel. If the RA is not in his/her room, please contact the hotel front desk.
  • All Boston University rules and regulations, as outlined in the Boston University Lifebook, are in effect at the hotel.
  • The hotel encourages students to put any valuables into the hotel safety deposit box. See the front desk for information.