Vacation Housing

All residences remain open during the Thanksgiving and Spring Break periods. Dining services will be provided in one residence dining facility with hours to accommodate brunch and dinner during Thanksgiving Break.

The Union Court, in the George Sherman Union, will operate extended hours during Spring Break.

All dormitory-style residences will be closed during Winter Intersession Recess. Students will have the option to apply for vacation housing. Upon application and depending upon space availability, students may, at the discretion of the Director of Housing, be granted permission to remain in residence during this vacation period. In that event, they may be responsible for additional charges and temporarily reassigned. Refer to the academic year residence calendar for the dates residences close and reopen for Winter Intersession Recess.

All University apartment-style residences and 33 Harry Agganis Way remain open between the fall and spring semesters. Students assigned to apartment-style residences and 33 Harry Agganis Way may stay in their residences during this period without extra charge.