Innovation Competition Tracks


In it’s second year, the Competition offers cash prizes totaling $100,000 for the top three teams in each of the following categories.

Open Track (OT) – $50,000

This track welcomes all innovative ideas with the hospitality industry, including both for-profit and social impact ventures. All teams are encouraged to apply in the Open Track.

1st Place Prize – $25,000
2nd Place Prize – $15,000
3rd Place Prize – $10,000

Social Impact Track (SIT) – $30,000

This track is tailored for ideas and ventures that aim to create a positive economic, social, cultural or environmental difference within the hospitality industry.

These enterprises are characterized by a dual bottom line, emphasizing both profit and positive social or environmental outcomes. Social impact ventures aim to create meaningful and lasting change by aligning their business activities with social or environmental missions. Their success is often measured not only by financial performance but also by the positive impact they generate in areas such as poverty alleviation, environmental conservation or community development. 

1st Place Prize – $15,000
2nd Place Prize – $10,000
3rd Place Prize – $5,000

Student Wellbeing Track (SWT) – $10,000

This track focuses on innovative ideas or initiatives that promote the social, physical, emotional, or professional wellbeing of students at Boston University. The success of these ventures is assessed based on creativity, novelty, reach, and feasibility to implement.  

1st Place Prize – $5,000
2nd Place Prize – $3,000
3rd Place Prize – $2,000

SHA Prize – $10,000

This prize is structured to foster participation amongst SHA students. This prize is only open to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors at the Boston University School of Hospitality Administration. A majority of students in the team must be full-time students majoring at SHA. Participating in the Open Track or Social Impact Track automatically enters teams into this opportunity, highlighting the top three SHA contenders who did not win in other categories.

1st Place Prize – $5,000
2nd Place Prize – $3,000
3rd Place Prize – $2,000

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