International Experience Undergraduate Requirement

International Experience (SHA HF440)

HF 440 International Experience is a requirement for all School of Hospitality Administration students. Our goal is to help students to develop important global competencies. SHA students have a global mindset to investigate the world beyond their immediate environment; students recognize their own cultural intelligence while being able to communicate their ideas effectively with culturally diverse audiences.

Below you will find an explanation of the options you can use to complete this experience. Please consult your faculty advisor and the Director of Career Services with any questions or concerns for how you will satisfy this degree requirement. Your plan to complete HF440 must be approved by the Marriott Career Center PRIOR to completing it. For those who study abroad it’s posting the paper you write for your internship class, for others, it’s posting a class project and evidence of completing a third semester of foreign. The Marriott Career Center can assist you with this.

The School of Hospitality accepts these methods to satisfy the International Experience Requirement:

1. An approved BU study abroad program that may or may not include an internship

Students are NOT eligible to apply for a study abroad program unless they have completed at least one 400-hour work experience (SHA HF140). This includes the L.A. D.C. study abroad programs for international students only.

2. Another CPT opportunity (international students only)

You can work in the US for HF440. If you worked in the US for HF140 or HF240, you can also choose to use that work experience to also complete HF440.

3. An internship abroad or a structured international trip

A trip with a hospitality/global focus of at least 4 weeks. (i.e. international research trip, international service trip, Disney College Program, Peace Corps, military service, volunteer work with an organization, etc.)

4. Two distinct, short-term, faculty-led international programs

5. Completion of any two of the following activities:

  • One short-term, faculty-led international program.
  • Enroll in a course with global/international focus.
  • An extra semester of the same foreign language beyond two semesters of a foreign language already required as part of SHA degree requirements.
  • Actively participate or engage in a performance or event with an international/global focus.
  • Present a paper at a symposium or conference or participate in a panel on international/global topics.
  • Work with a faculty member on a project with an international global theme.
  • Interact with students from outside the United States in a collaborative class project.

After completion of the international experience:

  1. Register for SHA HF440 after you complete the experience. (EXCEPTION: International students must be registered for the course at the time they want to work in the US.)
  2. Create an e-portfolio through Digication to present evidence of completion. What constitutes evidence is to be decided by you and your faculty advisor.

Please read the HF440 Manual for an explanation of the options you can use to complete this experience, the steps to take to do so and what you will need to submit. Please consult your faculty advisor and career services with any questions or concerns, and be sure to fill out the International Experience Faculty Advisor Approval Form along with all relevant signatures.

The Evaluation Process

Career Services will review your completed portfolio and issue a pass or fail grade. Grades will be submitted to the Registrar no more than 72 hours after the last day of classes for the semester. Late assignments will not be accepted. No exceptions. Plan ahead! If you have previously registered for HF 140, 240 or 440 (or any other courses) and have taken an “I” (Incomplete) or “F”, DO NOT register again. When you complete and submit the required evidence we will process a grade change form to remove the “I” or “F” and post your grade. You must turn in what you are missing to satisfy the “I”, if you do not, it automatically and permanently changes to an “F” after one academic year.