Application for Undergraduate Graduation 2023

Application For Undergraduate Graduation 2023

Students are required to submit an application for graduation at least two semesters prior to their anticipated graduation date. There are three possible graduation periods each year: January, May, or September. This form will be used to determine your remaining requirements for graduation. Once submitted, your record will be reviewed and you will be contacted via the email address you provide and notified of all outstanding requirements. It is up to you to notify SHA Advising of any changes to your graduation plans, or if you do not understand the remaining requirements listed. To be eligible for graduation, SHA students must have a minimum of 128 credits of coursework completed in the required areas. Only four ā€˜Dā€™s are allowed to count toward the degree in the areas of General Elective and Distribution Requirements. All SHA Specialization, Hospitality Elective and Related Requirement courses must be passed with a grade of ā€˜Cā€™ or better. Students studying abroad in spring of their junior year can complete their graduation application upon return to campus.