How do I know which courses I need to take to graduate?

Degree Advice is a tool that is specific to each student’s academic career and is kept up to date based on registration data. This is a resource that will be explained in the first meeting with your academic advisor and can be found under the “academics” tab on the student link. Once on the academics page, click “academic advising” and select “get degree advice report”.

What should I do if I want to study abroad?

The study abroad website is the best place to look when narrowing down options. Each program has their own icon that lists everything from application dates, program dates, courses offered, etc. Once you have narrowed your search, make an appointment with the Director of Student Services to discuss the most appropriate courses to take. Typically, students fulfill their required general elective credits and/or Hub units while abroad.

What is the BU Hub?

The BU Hub is the general education requirement of 26 units throughout a student’s academic career. Students will choose courses that fulfill up to 3 hub units per course and generally complete their hub requirements within 10-12 courses. This model was created to allow students to expand their horizons but also mold their experience to their interests.

What is the required work experience in SHA?

In SHA we have two required work experiences before a student can graduate. Students must complete 2-400 hour internships in the hospitality industry that are pre-approved by the Director of Career Services. After completing the internship, the student will then enroll in HF140 (after the first experience) or HF240 (after the second experience) and reflect on their internship.