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The Master of Management in Hospitality’s (MMH) Innovation and Entrepreneurship concentration is where innovative thinking and practical experience meet. Whether you are looking to launch a start-up or to lead innovative efforts at your current position, the MMH degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship prepares you to be a leader in the rapidly evolving hospitality industry through rigorous coursework and internships. 

As technology changed the way people travel and the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically impacted the hospitality industry, businesses are facing unprecedented challenges. The need for entrepreneurial solutions outweighs traditional job opportunities. Accordingly, the MMH degree with a concentration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship empowers students to combine entrepreneurial thinking and management theories with industry experience to shape a new hospitality landscape for the future.

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About the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Concentration

 Businesses must innovate or be left behind, especially in the ever-changing hospitality industry. The MMH Innovation and Entrepreneurship concentration aims to cultivate innovative leaders who can design meaningful solutions to resolve challenges or to disrupt the hospitality industry. 

Emphasizing industry knowledge, mentorship, and real-world experience, the program concentration helps students develop a comprehensive understanding of the upper-level operations of businesses in the hospitality industry and examine the challenges the industry faces. Guided by industry experts who have proven records in hospitality, students also gain cutting-edge insights into the industry. 

What’s more, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship concentration encourages students to collaborate with their fellow peers. Through team projects, students acquire the ability to create business plans and solutions to take innovative products and services to the market. The program also provides students with the opportunities to obtain firsthand experience through internships, where they can apply knowledge to real business operations.

By the end of the program, MMH graduates in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship concentration are equipped with essential entrepreneurial skills, such as critical thinking, creative problem solving, business decision making, and design thinking. With these skills, graduates can think outside the box to identify challenges, create better products, refine business models, and improve business efficiency.

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The Master of Management in Hospitality degree with a concentration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is valuable not only to passionate entrepreneurs but also to business leaders and managers in the hospitality industry. Request for more information to learn more about the program concentration and how it can support your career aspirations. 

Contact Micah Sieber, Senior Director of Academic Affairs at msieber@bu.edu or 617-353-1011 to explore more of MMH in Innovation and Entrepreneurship; or request additional information today

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