[Boston.com] Guardian columnist thinks Boston eats too many bowls. Do we?

A District Cobb salad from a Sweetgreen location in Boston. Suzanne Kreiter/Boston Globe

If you’re visiting Boston for its food, you’re most likely eating the city’s delicious seafood, staying warm with clam chowder, grabbing a cannoli for dessert in the North End. But are you buried in bowls?

The city was visited by a European guest recently who then shared her experience in an opinion piece for The Guardian. Writer Emma Beddington said her mind was blown at the sight of wild turkeys and the consumption of iced coffees in the dead of winter, but her main takeaway: Bostonians eat too many bowls, such as from Chipotle, Cava, or Sweetgreen.

To paint bowls as a Boston food item might not be fair, but the bowls trend is definitely emblematic of American lunching culture during the work week, said Leora Halpern Lanz, assistant dean of Boston University School of Hospitality Administration.

“We’re notoriously known for work, work, work, work,” Lanz said. “I don’t know too many people that take a real lunch break. Usually it’s a working lunch, or it’s something quick at your desk.”

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