This School of Hospitality Administration Class Doubles as a Marketing Agency for Cities, Hotels, More

Student teams, paired with clients, gain real-world experience

When was the last time you went to Revere?

If you asked a team of undergraduate students from the School of Hospitality Administration, they’d tell you now is the perfect time to take a trip to the North Shore city.

For their Advanced Hospitality Strategic Marketing course, a Boston University HUB course, Micaela Yee (SHA’23), Ethan Phillips (SHA’23), Justin Park (SHA’23), Arielle Hammer (CAS’23, SHA’23), and Anthony Forziati (SHA’23) were charged with creating a marketing plan for Revere to increase tourism. The plan’s theme? “Rediscover Revere.”

“Like Paul Revere, we have a mission,” Park joked during the team’s presentation to representatives from the city. “While his was to keep the Brits out of the city, ours is to welcome everybody, including the Brits.”

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