The BHR Brain Food Edition: December 2022

Food is often front and center of the Hospitality experience. The December issue of Boston Hospitality Review on “Brain Food,” edited by David Edwards, Ph.D., scientist, author, pioneering inventor, explores ways to rethink the food experience.

I had become fascinated with the potential of airborne sensory signals to reshape our experience of food and help us get back to the natural, intuitive sensory dialog with nature from which we evolved,” says David Edwards, in describing the inspiration that fueled science discoveries into the olfactory experience.

As the editor of this “Brain Food” edition, David Edwards brings together esteemed researchers and thought leaders from a variety of disciplines to illuminate the path to recovering our lost sense of direction and dialog within our own bodies. 

How we think about food, and how we think quite generally, can radically alter the outcomes of food on our bodies. New food rituals could potentially guide us to healthier, more beneficial eating. Discover how the path forward may just under our noses in the air we breathe.

Authors include:

Dennis Ausiello, MD, Jackson Distinguished Professor of Clinical Medicine at Harvard Medical School

Rachel Field, Ph.D., Co-Founder of Sensory Cloud

Marty Kolewe, CEO, Foodberry

Ellen Langer, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Harvard University, author, widely regarded as founder of the academic field of mindfulness
Nancy Rawson, Ph.D., Acting Director and President of the Monell Chemical Senses Center
Touré Roberts, author, entrepreneur, investor, producer, and pastor


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Publisher: Arun Upneja, Ph.D., Dean, Boston University School of Hospitality Administration

Managing Editor: Mara Littman, Director of Corporate & Public Relations