[Wallet Hub] Professor Leora Halpern Lanz Shares her Insight on 2022’s Best Winder Holiday Destinations

What is the outlook for the winter travel season?

The outlook is positive for folks wanting to travel. Frankly, many folks among my own circle of friends and colleagues traveled last summer and are still traveling currently in the fall, and traveling for longer periods (in weeks). I have taken an informal survey of my friends and colleagues, and many do plan to travel this winter. It is an even split between winter activity destinations and beach resort destinations. Most do plan to travel by plane and based on my personal survey, most are remaining domestic in the US, traveling with or for family.

Some of my friends surveyed expressed that their travel plans this winter will be affected in some way by the economy. Some friends indicated that they will certainly be cost-conscious. Others not so much because they have booked their Airbnb’s so long ago, that the economy was not a factor for them at the time of booking.

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