BU School of Hospitality Administration (BU SHA) Expands Graduate Program with Master of Science in Hospitality Management

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Master of Science adds a research-focused degree to BU SHA’s two existing graduate programs in Hospitality management

(July 14, 2022) Boston, MA – To complement the enormously successful and globally reputable Master of Management in Hospitality (MMH) program, launched by  Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration (BU SHA) in 2017 as a one-year practicum for those entering or seasoned in the industry, Arun Upneja, Ph.D., Dean of Boston University School of Hospitality Administration is pleased to announce a third-degree program: a two-year Master of Science in Hospitality Management incorporating a research component with a thesis.

The Master of Science (MS) degree will be focused on academic research and formally preparing students for Ph.D. programs in Hospitality and Tourism Management and/or those pursuing positions in service industries that involve market research, data analysis, and strategic decision-making. The expansion of the school’s graduate program to now include the Master of Science is in response to the need to prepare graduate students with research methodologies, to aid them in pursuing a Ph.D. pathway, or to strengthen much-needed data analytical skills demanded of the private sector today.  This new MS degree program will begin in the fall semester of 2023. Applications will be accepted beginning in September 2022. For information and to apply, visit: Masters of Science in Hospitality Management (MSHM)

Boston University School of Hospitality Administration introduced a graduate program in 2017 with the Master of Management in Hospitality (MMH), a one-year graduate degree designed for advancement in professional careers. In 2020, BU SHA expanded the MMH degree with the two-year, full-time International MMH Program that includes a certificate from ESSEC Business School in Paris, France along with an international work experience component. 

“The idea of a Master of Science degree is to provide a pathway for students, who are passionate about Hospitality from an academic and analytical perspective, to delve into the research side.  Through a combination of concentrated outreach and leveraging our national P.O.C. Ph.D. Pathway Program in Hospitality and Tourism, launched in 2022, we believe that this Master of Science program will appeal to students who may not have previously considered a career in academia and will be instrumental in accelerating diversity, equity, and inclusion goals across the Hospitality industry,” said Dean Arun Upneja. 

“Over the last five years since we first launched our graduate program, SHA has evolved from a strictly hotel and restaurant management school to a curriculum that centers on experience design and management, pushing the boundaries of what’s defined as hospitality,” noted Leora Lanz, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs; Faculty Chair of the Graduate Program; Associate Professor of the Practice. This expansive view of Hospitality includes any role that involves customer service and/or human interaction in intersecting segments of Hospitality such as (and not limited to) senior living, real estate, retail, sports, entertainment, and events services. With this MS degree, we are looking to add  a world-class research academic institution devoted to Hospitality.”

The MS degree program prepares students for in-depth knowledge of the segments, history, icons, market leaders, lexicon, and service elements of the continually expanding Hospitality landscape in addition to the mastery and application of the following skill sets:

  • Research methods in a specific discipline of Hospitality for an in-depth study of the functional areas of the industry that include finance/accounting, revenue management, experience design, operations, human resources/people strategies, real estate, marketing, senior living, and more
  • Quantitative skills to synthesize core functional areas of Hospitality systems 
  • Presentation and storytelling of data and primary and secondary research to deliver meaningful analyses and recommendations applicable to the practice of global hospitality
  • Clear and effective writing of the academic papers and results of research for publication and presentation

The MS program will consist of 44 credits throughout two years of coursework. MS students will be paired with a SHA research faculty member in their first semester to align with areas of specializations and interests.  This faculty member will assist them with creating a research plan and course selection to prepare for the final goal of creating a piece of original research in the form of the Master’s Thesis. 

For more information, please contact Boston University School of Hospitality Administration Senior Director of Academic Services, Micah Sieber at shagrad@bu.edu or call 617-353-1011.

About Boston University School of Hospitality Administration: Established in 1981 and now celebrating 40 years of Innovating the Business of Hospitality, Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration (SHA) offers students a combination of rigorous academics, liberal arts curriculum, and international experiences for the pursuit of success in lodging, restaurants, food service, and other avenues of the Hospitality industry. SHA has a unique relationship with the city of Boston, where the area’s hotels and restaurants provide students with numerous opportunities for internships to satisfy work experience requirements for their degrees. For more information about the powerful SHA undergraduate program, visit Boston University School of Hospitality Administration Undergraduate Program | School of Hospitality Administration and to learn more about the graduate programs for the MS and MMH degrees, visit Academics | School of Hospitality Administration.


Dean Arun Upneja
Email: aupneja@bu.edu
Office: 617-358-6744

Mara Littman, Director of Corporate and Public Relations
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