AIR Events

2018 Open AIR: Industry Open House

Open AIR is an industry open house hosted by the Boston University AI Research Initiative and the Hariri Institute for Computing that aims to bring together AI researchers at BU with industry groups interested in AI research. The main goals of Open AIR are to showcase AI research at Boston University, increase interaction between the AIR community and industry labs, and potentially lead to future collaborations and/or internship opportunities.

2019 AIR Winter Retreat

A brave group of AIR students and faculty made the trip to Okemo Mountian in Vermont for a couple of days of great skiing, beautiful scenery and lots of laughs during this past January 2019. Below are some photos of the fun!


BU Face Recognition Workshop

As facial recognition technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, and the presence of such devices proves ubiquitous in both public and private spheres, it is critical for researchers to examine the potential effects on both individuals and society as a whole. In this event, diverse perspectives from social scientists, philosophers, policy-makers, and computer scientists spoke about exploring the social, behavioral, and psychological dimensions of this new technological terrain.