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Hariri Faculty Affiliate Carol Neidle Receives NSF Convergence Accelerator Award

Hariri Faculty Affiliate Carol Neidle received a grant through the NSF Convergence Accelerator program: (2022 Cohort, Phase I, Track H: Enhancing Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities). This is a collaboration with Principal Investigators Dimitris Metaxas of Rutgers University and Matt Huenerfauth of Rochester Institute of Technology. As part of NSF’s commitment to accelerating use-inspired solutions for persons with disabilities, these researchers were […]

“Do what excites you, and good things will happen”

BY GINA MANTICA Orran Krieger’s career has focused on solving challenging computing problems that impact society. Nearly ten years after he first had the idea for creating a truly “open” production cloud, Krieger’s vision has transformed into reality:  a community of researchers, engineers, and information technology (IT) professionals are all working together to accelerate the […]

Faculty across five BU research centers will work together to prevent future pandemics

A multidisciplinary team of researchers were awarded funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop models that predict disease emergence and spread, and to devise pandemic mitigation strategies.   BY GINA MANTICA A multidisciplinary team of researchers at Boston University will work towards predicting and preventing future pandemics as part of a new $1 million […]

Can machine learning slow cognitive decline?

Boston University researchers developed a model that detects cognitive impairment accurately and efficiently from voice recordings. BY GINA MANTICA Alzheimer’s Disease diagnoses are timely and expensive, requiring hour-long in-person neuropsychological exams with trained clinicians that then transcribe, review, and analyze individuals’ responses. But researchers at Boston University developed a tool that could automate analyses and […]

Graduate Student Fellow Aims to Reduce Bias-Based Bullying in Athletics

BY: KAORI (CHRISTINE) YOH & GINA MANTICA Olivia Wyatt likes baseball so much that she once created her own class in high school around sports analytics. Now, Wyatt combines her interest in sport psychology with her background in data science to develop data-driven interventions aimed at reducing bias-based harassment in athletics. As a Graduate Student […]

New Focused Research Programs Tackle Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, and Climate Misinformation

MEDIA CONTACT: Gina Mantica, Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications, The Hariri Institute is excited to announce our next set of Focused Research Programs (FRPs)! These programs are designed to evolve and advance Boston University’s research in computing and data science around areas of strategic importance and emerging opportunity. The Institute facilitates research convergence […]

Introducing our 2022 Awarded Institute Fellows

MEDIA CONTACT: Gina Mantica, Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications, The Hariri Institute is excited to announce our 2022 awarded cohort of Junior Faculty Fellows and Graduate Student Fellows! These fellows are using computational tools to answer research questions in public health, counseling psychology, astronomy, finance and more. The Institute supports these computing and data-driven […]

Can understanding social needs help researchers predict COVID-19 outcomes?

Focused Research Program faculty members develop a predictive model for hospitalizations, disease severity, and death using dynamic vital signs and social determinants of health. BY GINA MANTICA Models that predict how COVID-19 affects patients are often biased due to the disproportionate effects of the disease on people of color in the United States. But researchers […]

IRS Stares Technological Advancement Issues in the Face

BY ALEX JOHNSON Almost every American is used to sharing information with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), but people were about to become eerily intimate with the agency after they announced the launch of a new website requirement:  live video identity verification. The agency partnered with the third-party company to prevent scammers from benefiting […]