BU, Red Hat & City of Boston Sponsor Co.Lab Workshop for Middle School Girls

In collaboration with BU and the City of Boston, Red Hat, the world’s leader in open source enterprise software, taught 25 middle school girls the value of collaboration through a three day workshop from April 19th-April 21st. The workshop, held in a Red Hat mobile Co.Lab trailer outside of City Hall Plaza, explored how to build and code a digital camera. The girls will now venture out to take photos of what collaboration means to them and later share their work.

The workshop aims to get more girls interested in pursuing STEM and STEM related work and careers later in life. Red Hat’s focus on collaboration will give their participants the skills they need in collaboration in future projects and pursuits.

Red Hat and BU have worked extensively together in the past, having announced a five million dollar partnership in late January, which led to the creation of the Red Hat Collaboratory at Boston University (Red Hat Collaboratory @BU). Co.Lab is sponsored through the Collaboratory, with key contributions from BU Research Scientist and Institute Fellow, Paul Trunfio, and GirlsWhoCode. The partnership is the result of the success of Red Hat’s work with the Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC) project, which is also hosted within the Cloud Computing Initiative (CCI) at Hariri. 

Additionally, the CCI hosted the first several installments of the Red Hat Cloud Computing Colloquium Series earlier this semester. Red Hat and BU’s work together hopes to advance research and education on open source and emerging technologies, including cloud computing, machine learning and automation, and big data.

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