Field of Study: Economic Development

Ms. Gullali Jogezai has always been an economic development enthusiast and embarked on ventures that directly furthered the constantly changing economy. She has served as an Assistant Commissioner at Balochistan Revenue Authority and recently as Tax Enforcement officer with a World Bank project. She believes that an effective tax system and efficient employees are the keys to maximizing revenue generation to meet the country’s wants. Therefore, Gullali worked to enhance institutional capacity to evaluate tax policies along with the capacity building of human resources for sound revenue generation.

During her fellowship year, Gullali program plan entails the study of thematic approaches to effective pro-people developmental and community-centric policies, learning to address diverse community needs, and streamlining them with existing strategies and policies. Thus, enabling more transparent and fluent development processes. Emphasis will be on exploring pertinent themes relevant to the third-world context, particularly Pakistan which is currently under severe economic crisis.

Upon her return from the fellowship, she intends to work alongside the government through a think-tank research organization or private sector to help government stimulate the stagnant economy by developing self-sustained economic growth policies, and institutional development and adopting modern techniques.

Ms. Jogezai holds M.Phil degree in Development Studies and a Masters in Economics from Pakistan Institute of development Economics.