Field of Study: Finance & Banking

Ms. Chrystelle Dohou heads Warys Conseils, an accounting firm specializing in professional services for small and medium-sized enterprises in West Africa. She has over fifteen years of experience in accounting, auditing, and taxation.

As a trusted financial advisor to entrepreneurs, she particularly supports women and young starting or running their own businesses. Although access to finance is one of the main challenges for SMEs in Africa, Chrystelle believes that digital technologies can improve transparency and help banks better support entrepreneurs; She thinks that digital transformation is necessary to fundamentally create value for entrepreneurs and society as a whole. So, she launched DAGGA, a digital solution that aims to help entrepreneurs turn their data into actionable insights and financial institutions to better assess business and operational risks. DAGGA will digitize all areas of business, from incorporation to accounting, finance to tax, and more.

During the Humphrey Fellowship, Chrystelle plans to gain academic knowledge as well as professional experience in private equity and venture capital. She looks forward to partnering with US-based organizations to develop innovative businesses and technologies that will contribute to financial inclusion and economic development in her country, Benin.

In addition, she will have the opportunity to expand her network in the U.S. with the Humphrey 2022-23 cohort and professionals from different backgrounds, as well as learn more about American society and culture.

Ms. Dohou is also a certified public accountant and a member of the board of directors of the National Association of Certified Public Accountants of Benin.