Field of Study: Finance & Banking

Mr. Christian Lopez Valencia is the Chief Financial Officer at the Central Bank of Ecuador, where he has the responsibilities of managing its financial resources and making policies for the management of the country’s liquidity. In the last year, he has led a project for the implementation of international financial reporting standards for the financial statements of the Central Bank.

As a Humphrey fellow, he would like to reinforce his professional skills that could support the development of new products and policies in the monetary management. He is planning to research about the monetary issues that need to be solved in a dollarized monetary regimen to overcome crises and for the well allocation of the economic resources in a country. His objective is to develop new monetary policies that could empower the participation of households as the core elements of the society to boost the country’s productive capacity. Christian is also planning to create a professional networking for the consecution of future financial cooperation projects that could support the implementation of best practices and the reduction of intermediation costs in Ecuador’s financial system.

Mr. Lopez Valencia holds a master’s degree in financial and risk administration, and has fourteen years of experience in that field of study. He also has a certificate in financial management.