Garibsulton Sultonmamadova


Field of Study: Finance & Banking

Ms. Garibsulton Sultonmamadova is a Market and Liquidity Risk Specialist in CJSC “The First Micro Finance Bank”. In this role, she works closely with Front Office, Back Office, and other business partners to ensure the completeness and accuracy of risk measurement. During her Fellowship year, she is going to take the academic courses with a focus on Risk Management. She also intends to conduct a comparative research on forecasting volatility and its analysis. Also she aims to study the differences in the policy requirements of her country and other Fellows’ countries to look for the main bottlenecks in the field. In the future, she plans to attain a position in the Central Bank of her home country which would enable her to contribute to the policies and legal instructions for the Financial Inclusion in the rural areas and poverty alleviation solution in Tajikistan.

Ms. Sultonmamadova holds an MBA Degree in Finance from Osmania University and she was
hosted by the University of Kentucky as a fellow
of the Junior Faculty Development Program.