Tetyana Illyash

TanyaTetyana Illyash is an institute sustainability program officer in the Sustainability Promotion Department of the intergovernmental Science and Technology Center of Ukraine (STCU). During her work at STCU, she coordinated and implemented the Chief Technology Commercialization Officers program in Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Moldova. Her programmatic efforts led to the installation of 50 technology transfer managers at scientific institutes and the creation of several start-ups, and the selling of licenses and patents. She co-founded a technology transfer managers association in Ukraine—the first of its kind in the country.

Ms. Illyash received her MBA from the University of New Brunswick, Canada, and the International Institute of Business in Kiev, Ukraine. She earned her master’s degree in administration and management from the National Technical University of Ukraine’s Kiev Polytechnic Institute.

During her Humphrey year, she will focus on the intellectual property issues of negotiating international agreements and marketing research. Her ultimate goal is to return to Ukraine with best practices in income generation, foreign investments attraction, and the creation of new high-tech jobs in Ukraine.