Sanghun Oh

SanghunSanghun Oh is the senior deputy director of the Korean National Tax Service in South Korea. He has worked in a variety of areas related to taxation—including tax collection, taxpayer advocacy, and tax audit—for 12 years. From 2009-10, he planned and implemented special tax audits for high income earners. In 2009, he was in charge of investigating taxes on private educational institutes. His efforts led to the stabilization of tuition fees, helping reduce educational costs in Korea. In 2010, Mr. Oh took charge of price level stabilization in the Korean National Tax Service, contributing to the suppression of inflation in Korea. In particular, he strived to normalize taxation and participated in the reform of required tax reporting by individual taxpayers.

Mr. Oh received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Sogang University.

During his Humphrey year, he plans to improve his expertise in the tax sector by enhancing his knowledge of the history, policies, and tax reporting system of the United States. With this awareness, he hopes to work on tax reform to advance tax equality in South Korea.