Ms. Seçil ÇOŞKUN has been working as a senior legal expert/counsel for 9 years at the Capital Markets Board (CMB) of Turkey which regulates Turkish capital market, supervise public companies and capital market institutions to ensure development of capital markets. She has actively involved in the activities for the creation of regulations within the authority of the CMB and providing legal consultancy services for the CMB, engaged in research studies on the legal aspects of the securities’ markets. She worked for the project, “Technical Assistance for Strengthening the Capital Markets Board” with regard to harmonization of capital markets regulations with EU legislation in 2017. Also, she studies carried out on the crypto asset draft law, which is led by the CMB as the responsible institution. She actively engages in the crypto asset law studies group in Turkey.

During the Humphrey Program, she aims to observe how market manipulation inspections are carried out by Securities Exchange Commission and research on best practices of federal securities law. She is planning to convey legal mechanisms (whistleblowing, investor protection fund, disgorgement etc) that facilitate the detection of capital market crimes and deter these crimes into Turkish law. In addition, she intends to examine financial technology, artificial intelligence, robo-tech, high-frequency trading, cryptoassets, security tokenization, blockchain and smart contracts in financial market. She will have the opportunity to have professional affiliations with the U.S government authorities to offer solutions that contribute to the development of economic policies in Turkey, and expand network in the U.S. with the Humphrey cohort and experts from different backgrounds. At the end of the program, she will lead the way in reflecting the U.S regulatory authorities’ approaches into the regulations in the Turkish Capital Market Law.

Ms. Seçil COSKUN holds master’s degree in Criminal and Criminal Procedure Law at Ankara University.