Mendieta, Konstantinakos & Others Complete “Culture and Climate Change in Nicaragua”

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In January 2018, Assistant Director Cyrus Konstantinakos and 2013–2014 BU HHHP Alumnus Ricardo Mendieta completed a bilingual photo-essay book entitled Culture and Climate Change in Nicaragua with students and faculty at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua at Managua, Peace Corps Volunteers, BU HHHP student interns, and members of the Hubert H. Humphrey Family.

OGC LogoThis project is part of Our Global Cultures (OGC)—an initiative of the BU HHHP that aims to raise awareness of Fellows’ home cultures. OGC was brought to life by two Public Diplomacy Grants from the U.S. Department of State, funds from National Geographic Learning (where Ricardo completed a Professional Affiliation), and individual donations. Peace Corps and the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, Managua also provided logistical and other support.

Nicaraguan students who participated in this project have learned to promote global awareness of their culture using English and digital media. The book, now in press, is scheduled for classroom use by these entities:

Culture and Climate Change in Nicaragua has been featured by the Nicaraguan news outlets La Prensa, Metro and El Nuevo Diario and by Peace Corps and BU’s Pardee School of Global Studies.

Many Humphrey Fellows have supported and participated in OGC since 2010:

Syeda Nail Batool (2013–14, Pakistan/BU) Julio César Canelo Castillo (2007–08, Nicaragua/BU)
Amara Moussa Doumbia (2013–14, Mali/BU) Arwa Eshaq (2011–12, Yemen/BU)
Agnes Igoye (2010–11, Uganda/U. Minnesota) Dilorom Mirsaliyeva (2011–12, Kazakhstan/BU)
Lubna Mohammed (2014–15, Yemen/BU) Tatiana Momoldaeva (2013–14, Kalmykia, Russia/BU)
P. W. Anusha Nishanti (2014–15, Sri Lanka/BU) Melanie Noguera Carrillo (2008–09, Nicaragua/BU)
Ganga Ray Gautam (2010–11, Nepal/BU) Siany Gordon (2010–11, Costa Rica/BU)
JC Rivera Mendieta (2014–15, Panama/BU) Samira Moussaoui (2010–11, Algeria/BU)
Shanta Nagendram (1987–88, Malaysia/Tufts U.) Eva Ramos (2012–13, Panama/BU)
Juvaria Shahid (2011–12, Pakistan/BU) Sujeev Shakya (2002–03, Nepal/BU)
Jovita Tamosaityte (2013–14, Lithuania/BU) Nada Tarradah (2014–15, Bahrain/BU)
Fermin Vallecillo Moreno (1990–91, Nicaragua/BU) Deki Yangzom (2011–12, Bhutan/BU)
Reema Zarough (2010–11, Libya/BU)

Several BU HHHP student interns have also contributed:

Megan Antonellis, International Relations, 2016 Alex Babcock, International Relations, 2015
Joy Cohen, International Relations, 2016 Alec Lynde, International Relations, 2016
Jasmine Miller, Int’l Relations & Economics, 2016 Kathleen Nave, International Relations, 2016
Montana Rispoli, Communication, 2017 Katie Teran, International Relations, 2016
Haley Wiebel, International Relations, 2016 Vanessa Zarba, Communication, 2016

OGC is advised by Dr. Ksenya Khinchuk, former Director of the BU HHHP, Anne L. Howard-Tristani, Humphrey Family Representative to the Humphrey Fellowship Program, Dr. Philip M. Tate, Professor at the BU School of Education, and Dr. Kristi Rudelius-Palmer, former HHHP Director at the University of Minnesota.

A second book project is currently underway in Uganda with Agnes Igoye (2010–2011, Uganda/University of Minnesota) and Jovita Tamosaityte (2013–2014, Lithuania/Michigan State), with support from the U.S. Embassy, Peace Corps, and alumni of the Young African Leaders Initiative—another exchange program under the U.S. Department of State.

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