Lecturer; Medieval Art and Architecture


I am a newly-minted Ph.D. (2022) in Archeology from the Vatican’s Archeology Institute (PIAC) in Rome. My doctoral thesis in Christian Archeology, “Devout Curiosity and Dissenting Results: Configuring the Necropolis of Vigna Randanini and Its Catacombs of Jews”, delves into the creation of archeological testimonies of Jews in Ancient Rome and how these structures and artifacts were subsequently treated and conserved. I’ve been fortunate to speak about this research in academic and public settings in Europe, America, and the Middle East, and the completed dissertation is now under contract with E. J. Brill to be published in 2023 in the series, “Jews, Judaism, and the Arts”. I am a member of the international research teams “Venusia Judaica” at the Università degli Studi di Napoli L’Orientale, and “The Roman Forum – Jews, Romans, and Others” at the Center for Jewish History in NYC. In addition to my university teaching and research, I currently serve on the Executive Board of the International Catacomb Society and am a member of the editorial staff of Sefer Yuhasin: Journal for the Study of Jews in South Italy. More of my scholarly exploits are indexed under my ORCID identifier (n. 0000-0002-3660-6077).

While my academic training for the most part has concentrated on the ancient and medieval Mediterranean, I am a native Bostonian and active in local institutions including the Boston Athenaeum and Boston Archeology Program on projects to document, preserve, and teach area history. I see the Art Historical skills of visual and contextual analysis, interpretation, and expression as splendidly applicable to the understanding of different peoples, cultures, and environments beyond the limits of geography and constraints of time. In my own life, I try to put these abilities to the test as often as I can!

Selected Publications

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Jewish Shadows of Subterranean Christian Rome, in
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