MA Student Yifei Wang to Present at the 26th Annual Harvard East Asia Society Conference

Yifei Wang, MA, will be presenting her current research on the early Edo painter Kano Sansetsu and his “The Ten Snow Incidents” screens at the Harvard East Asia Society Conference on Saturday, February 18, 10:00 am in the CGIS South S010 Tsai Auditorium. 

Kano Sansetsu was known for his leading of the Kyoto Kano branch and his interaction with the Kyoto Neo-Confucianists intelligentsia. “The Ten Snow Incidents” screens, now kept at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, manifested not only Sansetsu’s reception and interpretation of the Chinese Yuan-dynasty poems, but also the contemporaneous dynamics within the circle of Kyoto Confucianist scholars. This ongoing research will try to examine how Sansetsu’s handling of motifs engenders contemplations regarding the tension between text and pictorial representation, the cross-cultural interaction in the greater East Asian sphere, and the domestication of Neo-Confucianism in Japan. 

The HEAS Conference is an in-person event with no need for registration. Click here or more information on the conference.